A multi dimensional traveler sworn to protect and serve creatures left feeling lost, abandoned, misunderstood or in trouble. When activated her crystal surrounds them with a bright gold and white light that disintegrates all negative energies. Creatures may attach them-self and become one with Shorm either temporarily or permanently giving them a feeling of purpose.

Mixed Media Sculpture:  Paper Clay, Apoxie Sculpt, Wire, Gourd, Faux Fur, Insect in Resin, Acrylics
Natural Gemstones: Hand Crushed Pyrite crystals, Amethyst, Quartz and Kyanite points, Red Carnelian Cabs, Crocoite shards

Dimensions: 16 inches x 5 inches

Completed 9/2016

Featured in Infected by Art Book - Volume 5!

Alexi Era Gallery
Exhibit November 4th - 27th