Mechanical Pencil drawing

Iā€™m very thankful my work has been featured in various publications and galleries:

Represented artist with The Fernie Brae Gallery, Oregon
Alexi Era Gallery in Oregon - 2017 & 2018
Petaluma Art Gallery- 2017

Art Doll Quarterly
Dolls Magazine
Infected By Art - Volumes 5, 6 and 7 (coming fall of 2019!)
Tiny Dragons Art Book Series 2018

Otherworldly - Art Exhibit, PA Gallery Exhibit - 2019
Illuxcon - Imaginative Realism Exhibition, PA -2018-2019
Quinlan Doll Artist Show, PA - 2014-16

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Hi there, I'm Lisa Sprite Hansen but most people know me as Sprite!  ;) I live in a suburb-ish borough of New York... I have 5 cats, a frog, love trees, science and nature and all of its creatures. I also love Halloween.

I'm a self-taught mixed media fantasy artist and creature creator. :D (I am also a plant-based nutritionist!)

Growing up I was always drawing... it was my greatest escape!  As a teen I started noticing a strange world revealing itself in my drawings.  I wasn't sure what I was seeing or where it was coming from, but I couldn't stop it from existing.  I'd get lost for hours just drawing and when I was done I'd stare back into the page and get lost all over again. I felt like  a silent observer of these mysterious and magical beings.  There were life forms, similar to but different than ours, dragonesque- lizard-like creatures, winged faerie - ish ladies, mermaids, goblins, trolls, humanoids that were part animal or insect often spotted gazing into a midnight sky... 

But,  I'd hide them away where no one would see them.  At that time, I didn't realize there were artists out there who lived in their own fantasy worlds so I was convinced people would think I was nuts. Luckily, as an adult I realized I was not alone. I made some amazing creative friends who believed in my vision. Through their guidance, teachings and encouragement I was able to develop my skills and the confidence to share it with others.

I've spent much of my life since (and so far) learning and experimenting with all different mediums in search of finding one that allowed me to really express this mysterious world that lives inside my heart...and my head.  I've found that it's through the combination of all of them; painting, drawing, sculpting, mixing medias, etc, that makes it possible.  

My inspiration is drawn from this vision and from nature.  My work usually starts with a piece of foil and clay (or paint) and develops organically. Not having a set plan in mind is really exciting (and challenging) as I never know what will reveal itself next.

My creations tend to be otherworldly and organic.  Creatures and beings of a lost or futurist world, re born from remnants and fragments of a broken earth.  Their bodies often provide a glimpse into the world in which they are from or are entire worlds in themselves.  This world is called "The Broken Planet" which is also what most of my pieces are made up of. 

I love using apoxie sculpt, resin, natural and polymer clays. Most pieces have inclusions of crystals, geodes, glass shards, natural and/or found items from my walks like driftwood, delicate leaves, dried flower petals pods, twigs, fibers, shells, bone fragments, insect parts and lots and lots of glue! 

I find being able to observe , preserve and re-purpose natures gifts and/or a tiny life that would otherwise be forgotten to be a completely amazing and rewarding experience.  I feel this process helps tie our world to a more mysterious and fantastical one that others can visit... but just need a little help to see...

There is something so special about being able to piece together and hold in your hands a vision you've kept to yourself for so long.   I hope to capture these beings as real as I have seen them.  They have always brought me a feeling of peace and wonder. My hope is to give others that same feeling and a world to get lost in if even for a moment.

With each one comes a piece of me...

Thank you so much for taking a moment to stop by to learn a little about me.  If you have questions or comments, please email me.

If you have nothing nice to say, then please don't... Thank you for visiting.

The greatest creations are those that as you create them, you get lost in your thoughts, by the time you're tired of thinking you're holding in your hands, something from deep within.



Making a creative mess along with Sherry Goshon

Making a creative mess along with Sherry Goshon