To provide us with a safe, comfortable environment for the event.

 If possible it would be great if  you could accommodate us during a happy hour to help make the event fun and affordable for all attendees.

If not during a happy hour, special pricing on certain drinks and appetizers would be much appreciated.

A single event may have between 25-50+ attendees depending on what you can accommodate. It's free adverting for your fine establishment. Each person will likely be drinking and eating plenty which makes this a great profit for your local business as well!

Agree to no hidden fees. This is solely to raise much needed funds for rescues because they need help. If you require your space is "rented" to guarantee your income this probably isn't the venue for our event but thank you so much  for considering it.

Each attendee will be paying their own check.

If you would like us to work one (initial) drink into our ticket price we can certainly do that for you. We would give our attendees a ticket at the door to redeem their drink at the bar to make it easier for your staff. (You must let us know this at the time of agreement).

We will bring in our painting supplies, set up and clean up, no extra work for your employees!

We ask that you please be sure to have enough staff during those hours to ensure the food/ drink aspect of the event runs smoothly.

We will need access to water; at least twice.

We will likely have Raffle baskets. They help bring in additional donations and everyone loves them.  Its also a great way for others in your restaurant at that time, who might want to participate, to join in.

The event is a lot of fun, brings in profits for you as well as new customers and raises donations which literally saves and/or changes the lives of shelter animals.

Please join me on my mission.

And when you do...feel free to advertise it on your social media sites or have the local paper come take some pictures so people know how amazing you are for helping us!  :)