To help find a bar/ back room of a restaurant willing to donate / reserve space for us to create for a few hours. Many are very willing to accommodate especially on off nights/ happy hours.  They will be making money from the beverages and food we will be consuming! (which will be plenty!) We will set up and clean up after the event is over. We will need around 3 hours (Paint + set up/ break down & get to know each other/ hang time/ raffle).

You are welcome to bring merchandise such as t-shirts to sell for your cause so we can all purchase and wear them at the event. Raffle baskets and 50/50 raffles are great additions and bring in a good amount of additional donations.

Raising funds while having a great time AND spreading awareness about shelter animals and the need for fosters? Awesome!

To ensure a successful outcome you will need to post to your Facebook page to let your followers know about this magnificent event! Please post it with a nice little eye catching graphic.(Will help if needed).  Space is typically limited to 15-35 students depending on space. Since space is limited they will need to register to reserve their seat.

They register by paying. Easy enough right? After they pay, add them to a sign in sheet so they can easily sign in when they get to the event.

By taking donations directly you avoid the deduction of any paypal fees and you do not have to wait for your much needed funds. (If you prefer I handle all of that since you are busy with animals I'm happy to do that for you (minus paypal fees). 

I suggest a $25-35 per person/donation. You may choose a higher cost if desired (max $50) but keep in mind a low cost keeps it fun and cost effective for those who want to join/ help. They are also more likely to come back. This includes the use of supplies and the canvas they will take home with them.

Usually the restaurant offers us happy hour prices so it is not included in the ticket price. However, if you'd like to include one we can do that as well and raise the ticket cost.

Safety!  All attendees must be of legal drinking age.  Please be sure to mention that those planning to drink that they should make arrangements to be dropped off/ picked up by a loved one or car service. Better yet suggest they bring a designated driver friend to the attend event with them!

At $25, 15-30 people at a single event can raise between $375 - $750 that you did not have before. (at $35/40 $600-$1,200!) If you would like to arrange to do this monthly we can possible raise between $4,500 and $9,000 over the course of 1 year.  That's a lot of animals we can help together!!